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Instagram Stories Workshop

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If you are a marketing savvy business owner who is looking to improve your Instagram performance then upping your Stories game is a must. This workshop will provide a thorough explanation of how to use Instagram Stories to your business's advantage.
In this workshop we will cover

★ What are Stories
★ Why and how to use them for your business
★ The best techniques to engage your current audience and grow your followers.
★ How to create and share a story
★ What apps to use to make your Stories look visually exciting and stand out from the crowd.
★ Explanation of all the features avaliable on Instagram Stories
★ Highlights- what are they, how they relate to Stories and your business objective
★ How to measure the success of your stories to ensure you reach your goal
★ Explanation of all the features available on Instagram Stories

Throughout the workshop we will be encouraging participants to use and create Instagram stories and ask as many questions as they want!

You will come away with a confident grasp on this aspect of the Instagram platform and eager to create Stories for your business.