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Group Coaching on Online Dating


Following the introductory workshop on Online Dating - where we explored how to face the joys and challenges of meeting people on(the)line with the right attitude, mindset and perspective - it is time to get hands-on!

Bring your phone with the app of your choice or download it there and share your doubts about your profile or edit it on the evening
check if your photos are in line with your ‘message’ or choose some then share your ongoing experience, your dates’ tales, your disappointments and success stories

... because the online dating journey can be a bit lonely and confusing if not walked side by side with like-minded people.
This is a safe and non-judgemental space where - supported by a professional coach (whilst also benefiting from others’ insight and experiences) - you will be gently pushed to think out of the box and will be gaining a wider and deeper perspective on the online dating experience. In a fun and enjoyable way too!

Join me, and let’s start!

About coaching: a life coach is a professional who empowers you to make, meet and exceed goals in any area of life where you want or need changes to happen. Life coaching lies on the principle that clients are highly skilful and have all the answers within themselves, and yet it helps bring clarity, motivation and commitment through the use of powerful and insightful questions. The destination, the pace and the path remain the client’s decision: your life coach will be your valuable torchbearer, lighting the route so that your journey is walked one conscious, meaningful and successful step after the other.

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